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Dato’ Tan Heng Chew, JP, DJMK



Dato’ Tan Heng Chew,aged 72, a Malaysian, male, was the first director of the Company when it was incorporated on 26 March 1997. He was appointed the Chairman of the Board on 1 November 1999 and was re-designated as Executive Chairman on 1 January 2011. His corporate title has been changed to President effective 1 January 2015.


Dato’ Tan graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree and a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Newcastle, Australia. He joined the Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad Group of companies in 1970 and was instrumental in the establishment of its Autoparts Division in the 1970s and early 1980s.


Dato’ Tan is also the President of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad and APM Automotive Holdings Berhad.




Tan Keng Meng

Chief Executive Officer


Mr Tan Keng Meng, aged 60, a Malaysian, male, was appointed to the Board as Executive Director on 11 January 2012. His corporate title was changed to Executive Vice President on 1 January 2015. Mr Tan was subsequently re-designated as Chief Executive Officer on 1 October 2015.


Mr Tan graduated from the University of Malaya with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in 1982. Mr Tan joined TCIM Sdn Bhd (“TCIM”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company on 15 April 2010 and was subsequently appointed as Executive Director of TCIM taking charge of industrial machinery business. He also heads the Automotive Division of the Group since October 2015.


Mr Tan also sits on the Boards of several subsidiaries of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad, such as Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd, Tan Chong Motor Assemblies Sdn Bhd and Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd. He has held senior management positions for many years with extensive Malaysian and international experience. Prior to joining the Group, he was the Group CEO/Director of Tasek Corporation Berhad, a public company listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. He was previously Managing Director-Asia with Friction Material Pacific Group, a joint-venture company between Honeywell and Pacifica of Australia. Mr Tan has extensive experience in a number of industries covering construction, automotive and automotive component manufacturing.




Chin Ten Hoy

Executive Vice-President


Mr Chin Ten Hoy, aged 62, a Malaysian, male, was appointed to the Board on 29 November 2016 as an Executive Director. His corporate title has been changed to Executive Vice-President, Mayflower Group effective 1 January 2019.


Mr Chin holds a MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management from the Tourism Institute of Australia/Asia e-University and has more than 28 years of experience in the travel and hospitality industry; general management of properties development & acquisition and financial & audit management.


In 2001, Mr Chin joined Mayflower American Express Travel Services Sdn Bhd (“MAE”) (now known as Mayflower Corporate Travel Services Sdn Bhd) as General Manager overseeing its corporate travel business in Malaysia. Prior to joining MAE, he served as a Senior General Manager for Mansfield Travel Sdn Bhd, a company under The KAB Group Berhad (“KAB”) Group, where he was responsible for the financial and general management of corporate travel and car rental operations. Mr Chin began his career in 1988 with KAB as Internal Auditor and had served in KAB for 13 years holding senior positions in the areas of travel, properties development and management.


Currently, Mr Chin is the Chief Executive Officer of Mayflower Group, taking charge of the entire travel and car rental business operation (locally and overseas).



Dato’ Chong Kwong Chin, JP, DIMP

Independent Non-Executive Director


Dato’ Chong Kwong Chin, aged 66, a Malaysian, male, was appointed to the Board on 3 March 2008. He is an Independent Non-Executive Director, the Chairman of the Audit Committee and a member of Nominating and Remuneration Committee.


Dato’ Chong is a Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (UK), a Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants Singapore, a Member of the Institute of Management (UK) and a Fellow of CPA Australia. Dato’ Chong has been in public practice since 1979 when he started his own accounting firm, Eddy KC Chong & Co. The firm merged with Tet O. Chong & Co in 1990 and is now practising under the name of Ismail Chong & Associate. He had retired as senior partner of Moore Stephens and Executive Chairman of Baker Tilly AC on 3 September 2013. Dato’ Chong is now the Senior Executive Director of SOGO Group of Companies.



Datuk Abdullah bin Abdul Wahab,KMN, DPSJ, PJN

Senior Independent Non-Executive Director


Datuk Abdullah bin Abdul Wahab, aged 68, a Malaysian, male, was appointed to the Board on 3 March 2008 as an Independent Non-Executive Director and was re-designated as Senior Independent Non-Executive Director on 23 January 2013. He is the Chairman of Nominating and Remuneration Committee and a member of the Audit Committee.


Datuk Abdullah graduated from the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) with a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) degree in 1976. He was an Administrative Officer at the School of Pharmacy, USM Penang from 1976 to 1980. He started his career at The Parliament of Malaysia as Assistant Secretary in 1980 and subsequently assumed all aspects of administrative functions at The Parliament. In 1999, he was appointed as Secretary to the Senate, and in 2004, he was elevated as Secretary to The Parliament and Secretary to the Dewan Rakyat.  He retired from the civil service in 2006.



Lee Min On

Independent Non-Executive Director


Mr Lee Min On, aged 59, a Malaysian, male, was appointed to the Board on 29 November 2016. He is an Independent Non-Executive Director and a member of the Audit Committee and Nominating and Remuneration Committee.


Mr Lee is a Chartered Accountant of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants, a Certified Public Accountant of the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a Chartered Fellow Member of The Institute of Internal Auditors, Malaysia (“IIAM”).


He started his career with KPMG Malaysia in 1979 and retired as a Partner of the Firm on 31 December 2015. During his tenure with KPMG, he served in the external audit division before moving to helm the Firm’s risk consulting practice, providing, inter-alia, board advisory services that encompassed corporate governance assessment, enterprise risk management and risk-based internal audit for both public listed as well as private corporations.


Mr Lee co-wrote the “Corporate Governance Guide: Towards Boardroom Excellence” 1st and 2nd Editions which were published by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Malaysia”). He also sat on the Task Force which was responsible for developing the “Statement on Risk Management and Internal Control – Guidelines for Directors of Listed Issuers”, a document issued by Bursa Malaysia in 2012. As a strong advocate for good governance and integrity in the market place, Mr Lee regularly speaks at public seminars and conferences, including in-house sessions, sharing his thoughts and insights, particularly on Sustainability, Governance, Risk and Control.


He is also an Independent Non-Executive Director of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad, APM Automotive Holdings Berhad and Kotra Industries Berhad and serves as Audit Committee Chairman of IIAM.

He has abstained from deliberation and voting in respect of transactions between the Group and related parties involving himself.


Save as disclosed above, none of the Directors has:
(i) any family relationship with any Director and/or major shareholder of the Company; and

(ii) any conflict of interest in the Company


The above Directors have not been convicted of any offence within the past five (5) years other than traffic offence, if any, and have not been imposed any public sanction or penalty by the relevant regulatory bodies during the financial year.



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